Vector Trading


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  • 20 meses
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This is a REMOTE Opportunity

• Explore trading ideas by analyzing market data with fundamental statistical theories
• Apply programming, quantitative and statistical skills to the research of market trends, reversions, patterns, and complete data-driven projects
• Apply statistical techniques throughout the whole process from data mining to execution
• Be self-sufficient designing, building, maintaining, and enhancing a systemic and data-driven approach with tools necessary to test and evaluate trading algorithms and business opportunities
• Conduct research to improve risk management, revenue capture, and market coverage and contribute to libraries of analytic tools for market data analytics and trade strategy optimization
• Adhere to risk and capital usage limits
• Coordinate daily trading activities with operations, trading support, brokers, among others
• Use data analysis tools to identify and respond to unique market opportunities
• Use cutting edge technology to build out effective trading strategies
• Mentor, manage or train junior traders to complete projects and learn all facets of trading
• 3+ years of experience, with at least 1 year in a risk-taking role
• Bachelor, Masters or Ph.D. degree in any scientific field
• Experience in linear algebra, statistics, and interaction with large datasets
• Strong understanding of statistical approaches and predictive modeling techniques (including regression analysis, neural networks, genetic algorithms, SVD, etc.), their underlying assumptions, limitations, and the proper use for each methodology
• A calculated risk-taker with demonstrated experience monetizing opportunities in financial markets
• Comfort working within a collaborative, team-oriented fast-changing environment which fosters free-flowing creativity
• Strong work ethic, compliance, and willingness to do what it takes to get the job done
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Strong proficiency in Python
• Programming languages R, C++, and Lua are a plus
• Proven profitability track record trading across multiple strategies or asset classes is a major plus